About The Marketer Quarterly

The Magazine

The Marketer Quarterly will publish once per quarter -- four issues per year. The magazine is in a digital format which will be accessible on a desktop, mobile web browser and on all popular tablets. Additionally the publication is accessible via apps for Apple, Google Play and Amazon. Each quarter, the magazine highlights the latest research from The Relevancy Group.

The Team

David Daniels

David is a tenured industry analyst and consultant who also serves as CEO of The Relevancy Group, LLC. David has been recognized as "one of the most influential experts in email marketing, if not the most influential." With over 25 years of experience as a marketer, market analyst and senior executive at companies including Apple, Anthropologie, Jupiter and Forrester; David is uniquely qualified to understand the challenges and opportunities of marketers across channels. ... read more.

Dianna Dilworth

Dianna is a veteran business journalist who has been covering marketing for more than a decade. Her experience includes producing magazines, blogs, videos, and online news. Dianna has served as Associate Editor at Direct Marketing News and Editor at Mediabistro. Her byline can also be seen in Businessweek, MediaPost and The Architectural Record. Beyond writing, Dianna is a documentary filmmaker, her second film "Mellodrama" was  ... read more.

Nathan Golia
Contributing Journalist

Nate is an accomplished journalist and editor and leads many of The Marketer Quarterly most fascinating perspectives. Nate's experiences across the last 15 years demonstrate his excellent skills. Nate also currently serves as Editor-in-chief, Insurance Networking News at SourceMedia.

Rose Gordon Sala
Contributing Journalist

Rose has written for MSNBC.com, DMNews, PRWeek and in addition to her contributions to TRG and TMQ she is Editor and Regional Director of MommyPoppins. A qualified writer and professional, Rose is a lifestyle and business reporter covering marketing, technology, media, PR, parenting and mom or women's issues, pets, and food. Rose has also written for The New York Post, Today.com, Mom.me ...read more.

Mike Farragher
Contributing Journalist

Mike Farragher has been covering Irish and Irish American music and arts with The Irish Voice and IrishCentral since 1997. He has lectured extensively on the creative writing process and has authored a collection of humorous essays in the “This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks” series.  His latest book "A Devilish Pint" will publish soon.   ... read more.

Ross Rubin
Contributing Journalist

One of the most brilliant minds for consumer technology and trends, Ross Rubin has been a research innovator, an Industry analyst covering technology and telecom, he too is a publisher, editor and columnist.  Most importantly he defined and prescribed our future of devices as VP and Chief Research Fellow, during his tenure with Jupiter Research from 1996-2002.  ... read more.

Brent Martone
Copy Editor

One of the smartest people that we know. Brent has been responsible for tagging NBC items in the vault, and combing through research to determine answers. And then, Mr. Martone digs into regulatory detail to ensure that the labeling is correct. This is one of the many reasons that we appreciate this man, and his mad skills to copy edit us all. ... read more

Craig Spielze

As Executive Director of The Online Trust Alliance, Craig is recognized as a thought leader and pioneer on the convergence of interactive marketing, society and digital commerce.

Craig frequently briefs members of Congress representing the roles and shared responsibility of members of the ecosystem and the importance of meaningful self-regulation. Prior to OTA, Craig spent over a decade at Microsoft in several management roles. ... Read More

Jeanniey Mullen

Jeanniey Mullen is a tenured marketer, currently serves as Partner, Global Marketing Leader at Mercer, one of the world's larget consulting firms on health wealth and career.

Jeanniey is also co-author of "Email Marketing an Hour Day" with TRG/TMQ's David Daniels.  Jeanniey founded the email experience counicil which was acquired by the DMA. In addition to her many accomplishments, she is also one of the founding members of Women's Leadership Group. ...read more