New Social Marketing Research from The Relevancy Group

Dianna Dilworth - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Relevancy Group has issued a new research report titled The Social Landscape: The State of Social Marketing 2016. The Research has many interesting findings, including that Social networks are experimenting and innovating in attempts to better monetize their audiences and drive more value for advertisers. The Relevancy Group looks at spending within the walled garden networks in 2015 and exposes interesting shifts in 2016 budgets.   

The report answers these key questions:
- What are the latest social marketing trends?
- How is mobile adoption changing the way in which social content is consumed?
- How will ad spending shift across the walled garden social networks in 2016?

Authored by Nick Einstein, this 5 page report provides great insight on the rapid changes in the Social Marketing industry.

Purchase the research here.

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