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About the magazine

The Marketer Quarterly will publish once per quarter -- four issues in the 2014 calendar year.

The magazine will publish in a digital format which will be accessible on a desktop, mobile web browser and on all popular tablets.  Additionally the publication will be accessible via forthcoming apps for Apple iOS, Android and Amazon.

About the content

The first issue will include the findings and highlights from The Relevancy Group’s forthcoming ESP (Email Service Provider) buyer's guide titled, “The Relevancy Ring – Selecting an ESP.”   This report will publish at the same time as this magazine in January 2014 and will highlight customer satisfaction and evaluate the ESPs in the enterprise and mid-market sectors of the industry.  The report will use quantifiable panel data regarding ESPs penetration and performance in the inbox.  This objective methodology will drive the placement of the ESP in “The Relevancy Ring”

Each quarter, the magazine will highlight the latest research from The Relevancy Group.  For example the Quarter two 2014 publication will feature a massive consumer survey on digital behaviors and attitudes.

More about the content:

·        The Marketer Quarterly will feature a unique viewpoint from the perspective of the marketer. These regular features will highlight issues such as how marketers juggle work with family life, how they navigate organizational alignment, and the kinds of leadership and empowerment strategies that keep them successful.   

·        Interviews with the top CMOs across a variety of industries that will provide their perceptions on the most topical and pressing challenges and opportunities that they face.

·        The cover story of the issue will have a companion piece.  For example, the first issue will feature “The Relevancy Ring ESP Buyers Guide,” and the related article will be about how to craft an RFP (Request for Proposal)

·        In every issue our association partners, such as the DMA, will be featured in an informative byline that covers the latest industry trends and regulatory issues that the marketing community must know.

·        The Marketer Quarterly will feature a section in every issue that provides compelling information about specific channels including email, mobile, social, web-targeting and topics to address integrating big data and the customer experience in an omnichannel world.

·        Each issue will feature trends in the form of charts and infographics based on consumer and executive survey data from The Relevancy Group and other providers.

·        The Marketer Quarterly will showcase regional marketing issues and updates from around the world including the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

·        We will highlight case studies that provide tactical instructional benefits to the marketer and organization.

·        The Marketer Quarterly will showcase some of the most innovative creative work being executed across channels through creative and agency case studies.  We will showcase the marketer and agency, providing details on target goals were achieved when working with agencies.

·        A quarterly events calendar.  We will highlight the events that matter most to marketers in each issue.  Events from our association partners and advertisers will be prominently featured on this calendar.

·        This being a digital publication, The Marketer Quarterly will leverage all of the benefits including: interactivity and in future issues, rich media and video.

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